MarketFest: Season 21


MarketFest: 6 Steps to Nadex [with Jack Gleason]

MarketFest: Season 21: Episode 1

Jack Gleason
Major League Trading

Major League Trading

In this presentation, Jack will teach you how to reduce your initial investment while increasing your leverage and frequency to produce outsized returns using Nadex, the only CFTC-regulated binary options exchange, and its game-changing product.

Join Jack as he shows you the 6 trading setups he used to turn a $250 account into $16,000 in 3 weeks.

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MarketFest: Why Traders Pay Too Much in Taxes [with John Polk]

MarketFest: Season 21: Episode 2

John Polk
Traders Accounting

John will teach you about the investor tax status, and what you can do about it. In his presentation, he will lead you through an interactive workshop where you will discover:

  • The burdens the IRS places on investors
  • How your IRS status affects your income and changes your deductions
  • What you can do to escape this status
  • Mark-to-Market Accounting and what that means for you as a trader
  • The advantages and disadvantages of trading as a formalized business (and which entity type you should choose)

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MarketFest: How to Trade Economic News Releases Automatically [with Leigh Goldstein]

MarketFest: Season 21: Episode 3

Leigh Goldstein

Join Leigh “Lee” Goldstein, Director at JOBB, and he will show you the benefits of trading on news events. Lee will show you recent, real-live trades that members have taken on some of the most anticipated news releases that come out every month. He will also demonstrate exactly how Eric, the co-founder of JOBB, turned a $2,000 account into over $20,000 in a few months of trading on news.

Skeptical? It doesn’t matter whether you’re an equities trader, options guru, or forex fanatic. Lee will show you the simplicity of trading the news with futures and how you can add the JOBB System to your trading arsenal in less than one week. At the end of the webinar, Lee will post a very special webinar bonus. Make sure that you are there live to qualify.

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MarketFest: How to Pillage the Pre-Market with the London Swing Trade [with Ted Posobiec]

MarketFest: Season 21: Episode 4

Ted Posobiec

The ultimate pre-market futures trade, the “London Swing” uses support and resistance areas established from 3:00-9:30 AM Eastern time. Leveraging the momentum created by market swings at those levels, Ted Posobiec will show you how he pulls an extra $200 per day (on average) before the U.S. markets open.

Whether you’re up early, or just can’t trade during normal market hours, Ted will teach you a specific trade you can start trading the very next day (in simulation, of course).

Join Ted as he walks you through the London Swing step-by-step, including which markets work best with this trade, how to set up your charts, and exactly where to set your targets and stops for maximum gain and minimal risk.

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MarketFest: Why Traders that Use the Market Profile / Footprint Chart Correctly are Printing Money [with Stephen Vettorel]

MarketFest: Season 21: Episode 5

Stephen Vettorel

During this training presentation, you will learn…

  • Why many traders “overanalyze” reading this killer chart!
  • How to avoid misusing pattern recognition strategies
  • Interpreting volume at price information
  • Reading order flow with the Footprint chart
  • Why your interpretation of context is so critical to trade success!

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